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It’s official! “One line apart” – Technical realisation

Concept review

After several consideration and exploration, I have decided to use Adobe Connect as the medium to execute my work. The concept remains roughly similar to what I have previously written, except that I have now combined the multiple selfies and identities multiple concept with a photobooth concept

Photobooth – What if it is over the third space?

This project explores the degree of intimacy the photo can achieve as two person try to emulate a degree of closeness even though they are in separate spaces. In a way, this is similar to telematic dreaming where viewers will interact with the artist and appears close, even though they are physically apart. Now let’s get to the…

Technical realisation

Part 1: Adobe Connect as a working platform

I. I will login using Randall’s userid for adobe connect, and then open an incognito window and login as a guest under my name. This is so that my name instead of Randall will display on the webcam image.

II. The webcam image has to be of the best quality, so I will require the viewer to toggle the quality to highest to reduce pixelization.

III. I will maximise the window, and with the the firefox add in, I will get a thorough full screen for adobe connect with 2 large webcam images.

IV. I will then direct the viewer to create photos where it seems like our body parts are invading each other’s space. The intention is to bend the space and make it seems as if both of them are in the same space interacting with one another. The whole process will be taken down by screen capture.

V. Lastly, I will watch through the video and select screenshots of some of the results. I will also make GIFs for certain poses that has a repetitive action.

Here are some attempts at it:

Nope nope, that's not my butt
Nope nope, that’s not my butt. And darnnn we forgot to switch on full screen. Courtesy from Chinfang’s screen capture
Craziness in close up
Craziness in close up
(second time.avi)[]
Some tries at facial compositing

(second time.avi)[]

(second time.avi)[]
Illusion. illusion

(second time.avi)[]

There were more attempts but I couldn’t salvage the screen capture videos due to corrupted files. But I understand the potential and the limitation behind this medium and it is indeed quite fun to do. However it will also takes quite a while in order for the composition to work.

Problems encountered: 

1. Echoing voices

Running 2 windows opened and logged in with adobe connect will cause a echoing voices as both windows transmit voices. This posed some difficulties for me as I am trying to direct the viewer and getting feedback from them. However, this is less of a concern when it comes to the results as the end results are images and gifs that has no sound. It can be fixed by logging in with 2 desktops, which I have not tried as I did not have 2 computers at home.

2. Corrupted, unusable AVI screen capture files.

Glitched up AVI files - The colors will be off, and the video will display in numerous different colors while scrolling
Glitched up AVI files – The colors will be off, and the video will display in numerous different colors while having the composition messed up

Screen capture attempts using CamStudio (freeware) posed yet another problem when it gives corrupted AVI files that cannot display properly. (It is said to be due to the file format, as AVI’s max size is supposed to be 2gb) I am on the process of working on it to retrieve it. But meanwhile, I need an alternative that can screen capture a long period of time (more than 3 minutes) without providing corrupted AVI files.

Part 2: Tumblr as a gallery: onelineapart.tumblr.com (Work in progress)


One line apart: That one line not only refers to the black line dividend between the viewers, but also the space differences that exists. 

Why tumblr?

I. User friendly layout that displays many images at one glance.

Tumblr will be used as a platform to display the results and I have several free themes to choose from.

II. Capability to display GIFs.

Gifs is a file type popularized by various pop cultures on Tumblr. I hope to identify interesting segments within the screen capture such that I can create interesting GIFs files.

III. Reblogging function

Tumblr is also a platform where we can get our work reblogged, and hopefully it can reach out to other tumblr users well

What is left to do is to create more images and gifs, and then uploading them to the tumblr. I will also need more participants or try out more than two webcam image windows to see what other interesting results will appear