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Intercepting portraits – Role of the viewer

Tentative project plan as of 20/2/2014:

Using Adobe Connect with 4-8 other participants, I will instruct them by designating them each to take a close up of one of their facial feature. The end result will be the combination of different facial features that has been arranged by me. Alternatively, they can also choose to rearrange the webcam in a way that the top half of their face merges with the bottom half of another user. Lastly, I will also grab a few screen shots and will either combine their features together, or replaced my facial features with theirs so my own identity is concealed as well. The aim is to deconstruct and blur their identity in a third space, and instead builds a collective being that signifies the collective identity over the net.

Role of the viewers:

The viewers are in fact the performers for the piece. They are free to interact with one another while following some basic rules. They are currently as followed:

1. Every 3 minutes, strive to conceal your true face in the composite under a certain set of conditions

2. Follows my set of conditions and take a photo of one of their facial feature

3. There are also timings when they are free to have fun generally. It will be ideal if their positions in Adobe Connect can be changed so they can interact with different users.

Other thoughts that I am still exploring at the moment:

Are there other ways I can deliver meaning or raise the interactivity through the instructions? For example, will it be interesting if I demand a condition instead of designating them a facial feature continuously? “Which part of your face do you dislike?” ”

Am I going to remove the sounds for everyone except myself? What will third space mean with the exclusion or inclusion of their own voice? Can I use their own sound as a tool for the project? Similarly, there are limitations of the connectivity over Adobe Connect that have to be taken into consideration.