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One line apart #3 – Project update

I’ve transformed an older unused tumblr blog to a new one for the project: http://onelineapart.tumblr.com/ Work is in progress to remove older content and update project photos and videos and gifs. (I’m still trying to get the GIFs to work)

Illustrations are under way to plan out certain composition or certain themes (or for fun) for the final performances. Here are some illustrations for my references

Reconstruction of Parodies of Famous Paintings. I think this doesn’t make too much sense
ahh this is a much better visualisation

I also like to fabricate or simulate a degree of intimacy in the third space photobooth, and would like to experiment with some acts of intimacy, such as a hug, or even a kiss


Hug – Exploring degrees of intimacy and reconstructing them in different space



Mr elastic
Elasticman – Create extension of limbs and body parts that distorts a person’s physical look


Replacing body parts with that of another


However I would also like the viewers to discover what they want to do for the net booth and give them extra freedom to play around with it. The end results are no doubt important, but what is more important is the sense of bending the third space and having fun during the process of doing so.

Meanwhile, I am going to  host 2 more web sessions to grab more videos and images. This time round I will try with 3 to 4 people and see what will result from it. However I feel that compared to a session of 2 people, the session or 3 or more people will require more preplanning than improvisation, especially if they are strangers.