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Project progress #1- Intercepting portraits

Currently I am still exploring alternatives and methods to execute the project.

Summary of the live session trial during the lessons 2 weeks back:

1. Adobe Connect

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 10.29.06 pm
Composite image of myself and Diana

It is not within my objective to get an aesthetically pleasing or interesting shot (though that will be a bonus) However there is also a need for a person to instruct participants in order to achieve a certain look.

Another possibility raised up during the session was the usage of VDMX. That prompts me to think if it is possible to create a live performance, showing the processes of composition or manipulating different camera images.

I found an interesting search result that make use of face tracking technology to mask an identity. obama

Further research also brought me attention to this video tutorial on face tracking. In this video, the person make use of face tracking technology to match certain footages of himself as he talks. The end result is a rather bizarre glitch that distorts or confuse the viewers as to what is being said as well as what is being seen.


There have been other people trying to use this method to try out multiple face detecting as well as webcam window, but nobody have developed a tutorial or a set of work as of now.

This is the to-do list as of now (but may be subject to change):

1. To try out a mock session of having 4-5 participants on adobe connect or similar softwares to create a composite. Rules and workflow should also be developed in the mean time

2. Study VDMX for a while to see if it is possible to do webcam compositing and turning it into a live performance of its own