One Line Apart

One Line Apart is an internet based photobooth that composite people’ body parts together to create a distinct yet identity-blurring image. The concept meant to allow people to replace body parts of one another and do manipulate the image to provide new meanings. Of course, most important thing is to enjoy this photobooth and have fun!

This photobooth is conducted using Adobe Connect, and the only instructions are to composite with one another both aesthetically and emotionally.  
This project draws influences from various artists. These include:
John Clang’s Me and my friends
Telematic dreaming by Paul Sernon
If not you, not me by Annie Abrahams. Annie Abrahams’s “Shared still-life” also serves as an important reference and basis for my technical realization. 
These artworks inspires me to explore identity blurring as well as coexistence over the third space.
The concept encompasses identity multiples and third space, 2 concepts that we have went through this semester. Third space encompasses different point of views by different individuals that they are stitched up by webcam in adobe connect, and my project serves to stitch it up further through users interactions with one another. In doing so, they also blur their identities as well as their intimacy with one another, creating an illusion. 
Possibilities are almost limitless, and this project have developed as the people and I came up with creative ideas to create the illusion that we belong to the same space.


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