Intercepting portrait

  1. Introduction: summary paragraph that overviews the project
  2. describes its concept generally, emphasizing how it engages the Internet and/or net culture.
  3. The introduction should be concise, engaging, and clearly describe what the project is about and its artistic objectives.
  4. Include media in the form of video, sound, image that helps illustrate the project.


Taking selfie is the norm of this era, how about taking a selfie as multiple people?

In this project, I aim to create a portrait that is the end result of different viewers merging a part of their face with one another.

I’m exploring possibilities to see if it is possible to do this project online with a webcam. I’m also exploring the possibilites of not doing it live but use users submitted self taken photos on instagram and facebook for the project.

My objective or statement is to tear down individuality among users on internet to create a collective body. Also, interactivity is involved as the viewers play a role in completing a face.

What are the implications of multiple selves?

How do we reconstruct identity when we are a multiple person?

Does this tie in with the notion of distributed presence?

When you work on part II, influences, you might want to address these kinds of questions based on the lectures and discussion, and the references to experts in the field, readings, etc., found in the lectures.

Also, do any of the artworks we have looked at help you think about the concept of this piece.

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