One line apart – Concluding post


One Line Apart has been a really fun and meaningful project for me over this semester. I am fascinated by the presence of emotions over the third space, especially seeing the artworks “Holes in Space” and “Life 2.0” over the semester. I have been pondering about this question of how the emotions and intimacy is born out on the third space itself, or whether or not it can be faked or duplicated despite technological separation.

Concept review

I have never really imagined projecting a third space as a second space dimension, but yet a point of contact creates a new form of meaning and intimacy. A kiss, a hug, or even just by holding the same object across different space all provides a meaning and intimacy to the image. I believe this is a meaningful portrayal, especially for people who have long distance family ties friendship or relationship who have very few chances to interact with one another so closely. I use the third space as a form of expression of the people, they can now project themselves with a form of intimacy over the image, using their own actions and creativity.


...Like reading a book together
…Like reading a book together
...Or hushing me
…Or hushing me

The second part of the project also explores the blurring of identities.



We have done the identity multiples micro project over the semester, where we put up photos of our body parts onto the flickr feed. However there is a lack of interaction and communication during the submission at that time, which I thought if present, will yield different and interesting results.


By using Adobe Connect and having participants streaming on webcam, we can negotiate and create compositions freely – we are able to think and develop the identities as we interact.

Role of the viewers and participants

There were spontaneous moments where I or the participants tried to create an illusion that is comedic and funny, like making funny faces when compositing or making funny movements with our limbs.

Funny NSFW-1

One interesting thing about this project are the spontaneous moments: even if you tried to make someone look silly on the webcam, they will simply laugh it off instead of getting offended. It became a way to actually get close to one another. This form of audience involvement defined and shaped the project outcome and I found this spontaneous possibility a very thrilling and fun aspect during the execution of the project – you never know what will happen!

Technical realization review:

Even though this project is almost similar to a photography project, I am glad that I have chosen a online tumblr site as a medium. I created a gallery that displays GIFs: This captures not only the creativity between the audience and me, but also the relationship and dynamics we developed during the project. It has also been reassuring to me that my participants enjoyed working with me on this project, even though it may have been just a brief 2 minutes.



Diana’s Virtually Awkward project execution also provides a new possibility for my project as a performance art. It is interesting to observe reactions of viewers not only on the third space, but from the first space as well when the image is projected on the wall.

Personal thoughts

It was interesting to bend the third space to create a form of intimacy. However I feel that in the process of doing so, we also become intimate, it felt as if the connection is not simply only over the third space. I am amazed during the development for the concept,

The usage of third space also allows me to do certain actions that I will not be likely to do in real life (as I am not a person who likes excessive body contact), and yet I can now do it with my friends without feeling awkward or making them feel intruded. Similarly, the participants and viewers felt free to do actions that they normally do not do, particularly when their face is omitted from the composition.



It exudes a part of the personality that I felt that my project has captured and I am really intrigued and pleased with the results.


This possibility of intimacy over the third space is something I wish to explore in the future. Perhaps reinventing or looking for other methods of recreating the project, or selecting participants who truly experience long distance relationship so it provides additional meanings to the work.

I would also like to thank Randall Packer for the encouragement during the development for this work, (I was really stuck during the week where technical realization post is due) as well as my classmates who have helped me out for the project (especially Chin Fang and Diana who have composited with me several times). It was truly a fun experience for me, and i hope it has been fun and enjoyable for my participants too.

One line apart – Project update #4

Images grabbed from last week’s session.

We explored the possibilities of compositing different body parts aesthetically and interact accordingly.


grp 4
A little photoshop and alignment can create a closer and more organic image


grp 3
Compositing of our faces


Sharing a single smile



grp 1
Everyone will be involved in shaping the interaction. I aim to break off the wall over the third space and reconstruct one that brings people closer together, even if it may be a form of illusion

Project execution

Other than organizing one or two more web sessions, I will make a cameo appearance in Diana’s performance art piece on Friday (Thanks Diana! Looking forward to the collaboration! And it isn’t often that performance artists get to intercut their performances I suppose)

I will probably select certain pieces from the intimacy series to perform with Diana (if she’s ok with it, of course) Out of which I developed a french kissing idea.

Yeah, we’re probably trying to french kiss one another over the third space. Talk about awkwardness

I feel a strong need to execute this piece because on one hand, it may be uncomfortable for me or Diana (but yet at the same time, we’re not kissing. We’re just going to stick our tongues out to air) But on another hand, I wonder if it’ll be a visually striking or disturbing piece to the audience. I’d look forward to the audience’s response on that day if this piece is ever done.


Lady and the tramp
Just another intimacy series where we will look as if we’re eating the same food, or in general, sharing a single moment


Other concepts that may be performed on Friday:


Creation of adam
May stage with Diana, if it is possible

Parodies of popular culture, such as movie posters:



Back to back
Back to back cliched pose

Work is under way! I hope for the best!


One line apart #3 – Project update

I’ve transformed an older unused tumblr blog to a new one for the project: Work is in progress to remove older content and update project photos and videos and gifs. (I’m still trying to get the GIFs to work)

Illustrations are under way to plan out certain composition or certain themes (or for fun) for the final performances. Here are some illustrations for my references

Reconstruction of Parodies of Famous Paintings. I think this doesn’t make too much sense
ahh this is a much better visualisation

I also like to fabricate or simulate a degree of intimacy in the third space photobooth, and would like to experiment with some acts of intimacy, such as a hug, or even a kiss


Hug – Exploring degrees of intimacy and reconstructing them in different space



Mr elastic
Elasticman – Create extension of limbs and body parts that distorts a person’s physical look


Replacing body parts with that of another


However I would also like the viewers to discover what they want to do for the net booth and give them extra freedom to play around with it. The end results are no doubt important, but what is more important is the sense of bending the third space and having fun during the process of doing so.

Meanwhile, I am going to  host 2 more web sessions to grab more videos and images. This time round I will try with 3 to 4 people and see what will result from it. However I feel that compared to a session of 2 people, the session or 3 or more people will require more preplanning than improvisation, especially if they are strangers.