One line apart – Project update #4

Images grabbed from last week’s session.

We explored the possibilities of compositing different body parts aesthetically and interact accordingly.


grp 4
A little photoshop and alignment can create a closer and more organic image


grp 3
Compositing of our faces


Sharing a single smile



grp 1
Everyone will be involved in shaping the interaction. I aim to break off the wall over the third space and reconstruct one that brings people closer together, even if it may be a form of illusion

Project execution

Other than organizing one or two more web sessions, I will make a cameo appearance in Diana’s performance art piece on Friday (Thanks Diana! Looking forward to the collaboration! And it isn’t often that performance artists get to intercut their performances I suppose)

I will probably select certain pieces from the intimacy series to perform with Diana (if she’s ok with it, of course) Out of which I developed a french kissing idea.

Yeah, we’re probably trying to french kiss one another over the third space. Talk about awkwardness

I feel a strong need to execute this piece because on one hand, it may be uncomfortable for me or Diana (but yet at the same time, we’re not kissing. We’re just going to stick our tongues out to air) But on another hand, I wonder if it’ll be a visually striking or disturbing piece to the audience. I’d look forward to the audience’s response on that day if this piece is ever done.


Lady and the tramp
Just another intimacy series where we will look as if we’re eating the same food, or in general, sharing a single moment


Other concepts that may be performed on Friday:


Creation of adam
May stage with Diana, if it is possible

Parodies of popular culture, such as movie posters:



Back to back
Back to back cliched pose

Work is under way! I hope for the best!