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Project Hyperessay Role Of The Viewer

(Ideas set forth here in this is tentative and subjected to revisions as the project develops)

The role of the viewer in this project is at once both passive as it is active.

Passively, the viewer is watching the performative aspects of the work (e.g. the paparazzi swarm closing in on a subject), acting as an observer of the event. The viewer is also in a more traditional passive stance, when they encounter the presentation of the work after its completion.

However the viewer moves into a more actively state when they become the subjects of these photographs. Their every reaction is codified into an aesthetic image through the application of the frame, lighting  and image recording. What they do in that instance as they react to the cameras becomes materialised and is placed under scrutiny of the still frame.

This duality in the roles that the viewer can play puts forth an interesting tension between the two states and raising questions about the interlocking relationships between the two.

What happens when one swiftly transits from the passive into the active state? Is there shock, or indifference?

How does being in these two contrasting states of participation in the work create a dichotomy in how the viewer approaches and accesses the work?

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The presentation of the work would also inherent affect the level and type of participation viewers may have with the project. Tentative ideas include the creation and curation of an online gallery with commenting features to allow more interactivity and textual expression of the viewers’ reaction to the work.