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Project Hyperessay Technical Realisation

The following sets for the tentative plans for the technical realisation of the final project:


  • Searching for participating photographers to form the “paparazzi swarm” (approximately 6-10 pax, excluding myself); with consideration of camera type, camera size, photographers’ availability, photographers’ gender (?), photographers’ physique (?)
  • Coordinating the dressing attire of participating photographers
  • The preparation of image usage and limited liability releases
  • Location scouting and selection of venue to shoot the project at
  • Working out a system to ensure proper project archival
  • Preparing official faculty backed letter to deal with public participants who might request to see the project’s accreditation (aka dealing with irate public participants)
  • Planning for backup cameras in case of equipment failure
  • Planning for contingency plans in case of poor weather on original shoot date
  • Planning for a system to coordinate the paparazzi swarm while in the field
  • Plan for high frame rate video capture of shooting process (tentative)


  • Ensuring that the participating photographers have their cameras and flash working; doing an equipment check before shooting
  • Have subjects and participating photographers to endorse releases officially
  • Proper digital file archival and organisation system to deal with image output from participating photographers; on location backup to ensure data redundancy
  • Setting up positions and provision of instructions to participating photographers so to which angle to shoot from, what to capture, distance from subject to be in etc.
  • Actualise the coordination and control of the paparazzi swarm
  • Setup of high frame rate video capture; camera with tripod


  • Selection and post-production of images shot
  • Printing and mounting of images (tentative)
  • Editing of high frame rate video capture
  • Creation of online gallery/website for online display of images (tentative)

List of Equipment Required

  • Digital cameras with wide to medium telephoto focal length
  • Flash (either pop up flash or external flash)
  • Batteries for flash
  • Batteries for camera
  • Spare memory cards
  • Image usage and limited liability release forms
  • Pens to sign release forms with
  • Clipboard for release forms
  • Laptop with card reader to transfer images from cameras
  • Backup hard drive to ensure data redundancy
  • Letter of Accreditation