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Reading – G.R.A.M. Paparazzi

GRAM Paparazzi Cover


G.R.A.M. Paparazzi is a catalogue book containing paparazzi style images of celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

Picking up the book and flipping through the pages is an interesting experience, not least because it’s unusual to encounter these paparazzi style images in such a format. The intimacy and formality of the book lends a different dimension to these images, which are more typically ¬†encountered in the pages of the tabloid press in magazines, newspapers or trashy websites.

It is never clear in the book if the creators actually shot these images, or they were taken from other sources. This in combination of displaying images of the famous and non-famous alike in a non-hierarchal manner creates a flat and democratic pictorial landscape that doesn’t differentiate between the subjects.

The book is also interspersed with short essays about celebrity culture and the distribution of popular images.

Overall, I think G.R.A.M. Paparazzi serves as an interesting reference in how the presentation medium can recontextualise images we encounter. Moving forward, it maybe be useful to consider extending the project by presenting the images in different mediums.