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Project Hyperessay Influences


The following are some preliminary references into related works and writings:

#1 – Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel – Evidence

  • a play on found imagery and appropriation
  • the relationship between an it image, its context and the initial intent of its creation

#2 – Michael Wolf – Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Using a camera to rephotograph scenes found on Google Street View

#3 – NYT’s “With Cameras Optional, New Directions in Photography”

  • A discussion on how artists, especially current day contemporary image-makers, are approaching photography from a conceptual standpoint. Often negating tradition and idiosyncrasies of the photographic medium.


  • Eugene Soh’s look at the internet and images with a focus on non-lens based capture.

#5 – Thomas Ruff – JPEGS

  • Thomas Ruff’s “agitation” of the digital images surface to create new viewer awareness and image experience.
  • Also deals with appropriation and breaking of photographic traditions
  • The transfer and breakdown of a common JPEG file as it moves from one person to another? (18/2/14)

#6 – Jeff Wall and his compositional techniques

  • The layering of multiple “moments” into a single image through compositing of various images.

#7 – John Clang’s Being Together

  • Using projections, the Net and cameras (cameras to record the video chat, a camera to photograph the real time composite projection) to connect and augment interpersonal, spatial and time relationships.

#8 – Dead End Thrills

  • Hi-res in-game records of a digitally rendered landscape and in-game characters. The creation of a moment not intended by its the content’s original authors.

#9 – Advanced Studies… (Ten Lessons for Life) (added 18/02/14)

  • An interesting experimental performance piece by artist Heman Chong who setup the essential perimeters to allow participants to interact with various junior art school students. I enjoy that fact that the project challenges our notion of what can constitute as art by placing the act of conversing with another person at the heart of the piece.
  • Relevance to my project in facilitating and mediating relationships augmented by the Net and the camera?

#10 – Article on the history of smiling for the camera on Petapixel.com (added 18/02/14)

  • Some background and contextual information on how (and why) we “perform” for the camera

#11 – Sensations Of The Super Normal by Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa (added 18/02/14)

  • Though not connected entirely per se, they dabbled in an interesting idea of the “super normal” – something to which we encounter daily, and by virtue of its design, slips underneath our direct consciousness when interacting with these objects. The sublime and instinctual.
  • Can the digital image and the camera become “super normal” as well?