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Project Hyperessay – Conclusion

One of the key ideas that was discussed as part of the Media and Performance class is the private vs. the public. 1/200th Of A Second draws from that discussion because of its transgressive methodology that recalls that of the paparazzi photographer.

This is further implicated by the fact that the Net has greatly reduced the time between an image is made and that when it is seen by others, whilst simultaneously increasing the potential number of viewers who will encounter the image.

While the project does not directly deal with the distribution aspect of the digitalised photographic image, it nevertheless has an implication in the proceedings of the project. This is evident in instances when the subject seeks clarification over why and how the images will be used. Clearly, how they their image may be distributed over the web and its resulting implications, become part of our contemporary assessment of taken of images ourselves.

Interestingly, the number who choose to clarify the motivations of the project are in the minority. The vast majority of subjects photographed behave either indifferently, or look on but nevertheless continue what they were originally doing. It may be difficult to truly account for this behaviour through this project alone despite two separate rounds of shooting. As mentioned in an earlier post (http://oss2014.adm.ntu.edu.sg/weilong/paparazzi-test-shoot/), the proliferation of cameras and general comfort of having others take pictures of us in our contemporary culture are likely factors.

While the development of the project has been relatively constant, reading more about works that deal with the private and public domain has certain helped shaped how I may extend this project further as it manifests into a second iteration or subsequent projects. For example, looking at the GRAM paparazzi catalogue has raised possibilities of using a book presentation format to recontextualise the images.

Overall, completing the project been a fruitful exploratory experience and this project will certainly be a good stepping stone as I explore more about the relationships we have with the camera and the photographic image in our contemporary culture today.