Project Hyperessay Introduction


Decisive Moment

(The ‘Decisive Moment’. Left: screenshot by Prakash Haridas, Right: photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson)

In this preliminary ideation process, I am interested in looking at how the Net and its associated technologies augment our use, understanding and experience of photographic images and to an extent, the camera. For example, has these technologies changed or circumvented major photographic concepts such as the decisive moment (coined by photographer Henri Cartier -Bresson)? Has the Net changed how we encounter images, which are just a swipe, click and download away?



(Performing for the camera, “Strangers” (2013) by Hoong Wei Long)

It might also be interesting to consider that since the photographic medium and the camera often act as social conduits (e.g. how people will formally gather in front of a camera for their photograph to be taken), how these changes also influence or augment our interpersonal relationships.

Lastly, with the constant production and distribution of new images via the Net, it may be interesting to consider the “value” (however we choose to frame and define this) of images. Are more images more important than others? Is this dictated by where we see the images and/or its authorship? How decides this hierarchy? How do search engines and ranking algorithms in Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. come into play? [added 18/02/14)] Do images have a lifespan? Where do images go to “die”?

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