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My Twitter Persona for Micro-project 4: Media Addiction

So we had to assume an identity for micro-project #4.

Here’s what I came up with:

Featured Image for Media Addiction


I was basically riffing off the stereotype that the Chinese are great copiers of original works from the West. I “stole” the profile photo from the web (, appropriated Stelarc’s name and morphed into a money-minded, American culture obsessed ex-Red Guard who became a Chinese contemporary artist for the lure of the potential riches.

Some samples of the tweets Sellarc made:

Sample Tweets 01

Sample tweets 02



It was fun while it lasted. Getting to play a character quite far removed from my own personality (well, maybe except for the penchant for rap music…aye!). I think I can understand why people get addicted to games/virtual worlds like Second Life…

White Noise 2.0

– – – – – – – – –

Personal notes about ‘White Noise 2.0

While reading the brief for the Micro-project #3, I had an idea of doing an soundscape piece playing off the idea of taking a walk – virtually.

What you’ll hear in this piece is a mash of machine made noises I would often encounter as I use the computer in my room. The hard drive spinning…the mouse clicks…the keyboard taps…all set ot the incessant metronome soundtrack of the wall clock.

And the cover image? Well, I found it on a Google Street View capture of my residence.