Technical realization

To create this project, I will be using the free version of the Unity game engine. The Windows version is available for download here. It includes publishing support for various platforms, such as iOS, Android, Win/Mac desktop and Web.  The project will be deployed on a desktop-based web browser.


The Unity integrated development environment has windows which displays the game world in editor mode and during play, as well as files related to the project. The interface is pretty similar to some other 3D modeling softwares, and is quite easy to pick up. This is where I will place the controllable characters and levels for the game.

Also bundled with Unity is MonoDevelop, which allows the creator to script events into the game. It supports a few languages, and the one I’ve chosen to work with is C#, which has a syntax which I’m familiar with.


webI think the project will be played on the web browser, mainly because of ease of distribution. The browser version supports a full screen mode, but may require some calibration, due to different screen sizes.

An Xbox game controller will be required for the performance, but there will be support for WASD / UpDownLeftRight input as well.


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