DM2011 – Final project (1)

3 ideas

  1. Website. SingaporeMemoryProject /Twitter related; #Memory – Seaside theme. Transient. Visitors uncover images in sand, with video/narration (?). Can also leave a message behind.iStock_000010797682-Inspire-Message-in-Sand
  2. Website. Language. English, malay, chinese, tamil. Translations in sights usual to Singapore (Warning signs inside lift, Marquee in MRT). Visitors can leave unsual messages/translations for others.bear
  3. Virtual space. SingaporeMemoryProject related. Piles of photographs, that visitors can jump into. Collect images, and sort them into the correct pile (Timezone, area?).
    thumbnail.png5f4272f8-c31b-4dee-9227-a22d5bc4297fLarge (1)
  4. Website. Smile, Singapore. Site with Flash object that connect’s to visitor’s webcam, with their permission. Allows them to take a photo with a fake smile superimposed on them. Twitter share etc.


  5. Game. Country erasers .The sport of kings. Or primary school children during recess period. An attempt to recreate the game in Unity.

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