Project hyperessay – Polycephaly (3)

 Role of the Viewer

Two local viewers/players are required to experience the game. Both control the movements of a creature simultaneously:  The action of one player directly affects the performance and emotions of the other, and the creature as a whole. [Many-to-one interaction]

Player-derived conflict may arise when navigating the space. In this marriage, players have to  start thinking together, otherwise they will destroy each other. While I would imagine that both players be talking, relaying information about their movements in real life, what would it be like if both player cannot speak to each other? How do our limbs synchronize to each other? For example when we type on the keyboard, how do we determine which hand goes for the letters in the middle of the board?  [Dynamics of collective thinking]

In this type of relationship, is it better if one relents, while another leads? Or do both contribute and move as one? Does the identity of each individual recede, and allow for a combined individual to be created? [Hybridization]

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