Joining of two ‘heads’ together, using the Ragespline package by Freakow.



Attempt at creating a multi-user environment, using the Photon Unity Network package. Able to instantiate objects for players to control individually, but there were problems syncing their movements.








Turns out that there was a bunch of people that thought the same thing, in 2011.


Final project description – SgSigns

Website that allows the public to create their own signs, in four languages. The output is a .jpg of the sign, and a QR code, for print and distribution. QR stores link to image. Both are uploaded to anonymous image hosting site. Possible storage of Geodata. Public can also view signs using QR decoder, or a paginated list.

Features and procedures are as follows:

Creating a sign

  1. Choose option to create sign
  2. Key in text
  3. Begin translation
  4. Finalize sign
  5. Upload sign as image (imgurl)
  6. Register URL
  7. Register Geodata

Viewing signs (QR)

  1. Choose option to view signs from QR code
  2. Begin camera
  3. Scan for QR data
  4. Retrieve image at hosting for display

Viewing signs (List)

  1. Choose option to view list.

Translations with MS translate

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLVrn3GJB1s?rel=0&w=560&h=315]




  • http://goqr.me/api/
  • http://blogs.msdn.com/b/translation/p/gettingstarted1.aspx
  • https://datamarket.azure.com/dataset/1899a118-d202-492c-aa16-ba21c33c06cb
  • https://code.google.com/p/micrsoft-translator-php-wrapper/

“Eh why so kaypoh?”


kaypoh /gay-poh, ˈɡeɪpəʊ/ n. & a. [Hk. (?) 耆(老)  () old people + (?) 婆  the epithet of an old woman (Medhurst); Mand. (?)  over sixty years of age, very old + (?)  old woman(Chi.–Eng. Dict.)] Also kay pohkay-poh.  A. n. One who is nosy or prying; one who meddles in others’ affairs; a nosy-parker.  B. a. Nosy, prying.

Via – http://www.mysmu.edu/faculty/jacklee/singlish_K.htm#kaypoh


  • More commonly, a kaypoh is a busybody; we see these kinds of people a lot on the road; Slow traffic, caused not by accidents themselves, but by vigilant onlookers at the scene. Kaypohs also often gossip about others; however the kaypoh’s capacity for any talk or action vanishes when he/she become embroiled in the situation. http://therealsingapore.com/content/man-strips-mrt-train-and-touches-himself-front-female-passengers

Related words

Kayu, Kaylong


Technical realization

To create this project, I will be using the free version of the Unity game engine. The Windows version is available for download here. It includes publishing support for various platforms, such as iOS, Android, Win/Mac desktop and Web.  The project will be deployed on a desktop-based web browser.


The Unity integrated development environment has windows which displays the game world in editor mode and during play, as well as files related to the project. The interface is pretty similar to some other 3D modeling softwares, and is quite easy to pick up. This is where I will place the controllable characters and levels for the game.

Also bundled with Unity is MonoDevelop, which allows the creator to script events into the game. It supports a few languages, and the one I’ve chosen to work with is C#, which has a syntax which I’m familiar with.


webI think the project will be played on the web browser, mainly because of ease of distribution. The browser version supports a full screen mode, but may require some calibration, due to different screen sizes.

An Xbox game controller will be required for the performance, but there will be support for WASD / UpDownLeftRight input as well.


Giving up your data – Post secret

PostSecret – Hows it a secret if it’s on the web?

A place which gathers postcards, where people from around the world mail in, to communicate their deepest darkest secrets, to an audience they don’t know. The website PostSecret presents itself as a blog, which gives individuals a chance to convey their struggles with everyday, through text and images, becoming anonymous artists. In doing so, it serves to provide some form of catharsis for the person sharing, as these private memories and thoughts often have issues which make it difficult for them to be talked about in public.


The black background site feels like an exhibition, featuring fragmented text and visuals which cover a range of issues. Some of them can be shocking, dealing with sexual taboos, personal failures, or criminal activity. Some of it are quite silly/tame, coming off more as a personal peeve. For example there was a post card where the write declared his/her/it’s hate for people with gross feet that wear open-toed shoes in public. This could be something relate-able to anyone who is reading,  someone that shares the same kind of annoyance, or the one having gross feet. Reading these card creates a kind of resonance or connect, which gives me a glimpse of the lives of others, and also reflecting on mine.


However, there’s still that mental alarm that goes off when reading these (DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET). I do get a sense of disconnect from these submissions, which seem as if they’re well crafted pieces of art, which has since the site’s creation, spiraled into some kind of practice, becoming a place for collaborative pieces of art to happen.


  • Memes – 4chan advice animals

DM2011 – Final project (1)

3 ideas

  1. Website. SingaporeMemoryProject /Twitter related; #Memory – Seaside theme. Transient. Visitors uncover images in sand, with video/narration (?). Can also leave a message behind.iStock_000010797682-Inspire-Message-in-Sand
  2. Website. Language. English, malay, chinese, tamil. Translations in sights usual to Singapore (Warning signs inside lift, Marquee in MRT). Visitors can leave unsual messages/translations for others.bear
  3. Virtual space. SingaporeMemoryProject related. Piles of photographs, that visitors can jump into. Collect images, and sort them into the correct pile (Timezone, area?).
    thumbnail.png5f4272f8-c31b-4dee-9227-a22d5bc4297fLarge (1)
  4. Website. Smile, Singapore. Site with Flash object that connect’s to visitor’s webcam, with their permission. Allows them to take a photo with a fake smile superimposed on them. Twitter share etc.


  5. Game. Country erasers .The sport of kings. Or primary school children during recess period. An attempt to recreate the game in Unity.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfVfK2G-eEo

Project hyperessay – Polycephaly (4)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6Uen3ekT7Q?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

Building the creature – Controls

In order to move the (yet-to-be-designed) creature, some experimentation on it’s controls need to take place 1st. As per the initial idea, the creature is to be controlled with the 2 analog joysticks of a Xbox game pad. The creature’s movement is also constricted to the range of it’s 2 heads.

For this test, a square field was created, with the camera in an overhead, slightly tilted view downwards.

  • Mapping of Xbox360 controller’s analog axes
    Using references from a wiki page, I find that Unity registers the left analog as the X and Y axis already, while the right analog is referred to as the 4th and 5th axis. These can be found in the input manager in project settings. A script named JoyInput is created to listen for commands from the game pad.
  • Translating axes to movement
    Generic colored cube is used to represent one of the heads. They have the Rigidbody component applied, and will behave as if there is gravity in the game space. JoyInput receives inputs from the left analog and nudges the cube up/down or to the sides. Another cube is created for the 2nd player, and it’s movements controlled by the right analog stick.
  • Working with spring joints – Connecting the creature
    The Unity built-in spring joint component allows 2 rigid bodies to be connected together; If one of the linked object moves, the other will be stringed along. Also, a main ‘body’ is created and chained in between the 2.

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