Welcome to The Subzone

What is this?

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“Welcome to the Subzone” is intended as an amalgamation of all things bizarre, horrible, wonderful and stuff that falls in between the cracks.

As we continue living our first lives in the real world and our second lives in the virtual world, we leave behind trails. We push data, and we receive data. We care not much about where it all ends up, as long as we still look good to one another. This project is but an imagining of that deep dark space where the landfill rises afoot with globs of goo so exciting, orgasmic and at times unnerving, that it is best to experience it for yourself.

Welcome to the Subzone. We hope you enjoy your stay.


*You will require the Unity webplayer plugin.¬†Get it here if you don’t have one.

1. Go to this Tumblr site.

2. Follow the instructions.

3. Explore the Subzone.

4. Take screenshots, record videos, do screencaptures, however you wish to record your experience while in the Subzone.

5. Hit the “Submit” page on the Tumblr site and send your recordings/screenshots/reactions/comments in to be archived.

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