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Micro-Project 04: Media Addiction

Adopting a persona is the name of the game for this project, as all of us attempted to create a constant interactive virtual dialogue through the use of the Twitter platform. The #ossntu hashtag helped in unifying all of our tweets in one big stream. The final form reads like a script from a play, with characters either choosing to contribute to an idea at hand or butting in and aggressively attempting to divert the conversation to something else.

I decided to adopt the persona of a poet, and exaggerate my online persona through the use of excessive rhyming (a sort of poor man’s poetry if you will) by attempting to respond to most tweets in this manner. I saw this persona as another extension of my social persona, and something which I was interested in exploring through this micro-theater project.




Looks like @whalebiologist_ hasn’t quite left seriousville just yet. Maybe he/she was having a bad day with…citations? (DUH!) Just from the tone in the tweet, one could infer that @whalebiologist_ was someone who probably enjoyed having control and who religiously abides by the “it’s my way or the highway” code of conduct. Perhaps that explains why nobody gave him/her the citations he/she was looking for.


tweet_06An emoticon with hashtags used as mini sentences to express oneself.

Especially on the Internet, choice of words can play a big difference in how others perceive someone via the virtual self. Things like sarcasm and jokes are harder to detect online in such conversations unless they are punctuated with hastags, like #jking or #kidding, just to name a few. Emoticons also play a big part in this, helping to convey emotions online effectively. Even so, nothing quite beats having a face to face conversation with someone or with a group of friends. With that in mind, having a virtual conversation with a stranger or an acquaintance could be the first step to establish a connection in real-life later on.

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