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Stelarc: The Man and his Machinations

News of Stelarc’s public lecture came as an unexpected surprise. That too happening right here in Singapore at LASALLE was too good an opportunity to miss going. The whole auditorium was packed and I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps.

I managed to catch a glimpse of the man up close, together with Steve Dixon, who were just one row away from the rest of us there!

It was interesting to actually be there at a talk and see Stelarc in the flesh. It was thrilling to hear him discuss his artistic practices and share his views on a wide range of topics ranging from the Internet to cyborgian to religion. I kept wondering to myself just how rational Stelarc came across in terms of explaining why he does the things he does. He truly sees the body as something more than just flesh, but as a material and medium to push the boundaries of art. Combined together with technology and machines, Stelarc doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all in his pursuits to further experiment and continue experimenting.

I especially enjoyed how he managed to infuse humour into his talk. He erupted into his legendary laugh many times, and I just couldn’t help thinking if he enjoyed grossing hisĀ audience out as he proceeded to show video footage from a surgery done on his arm to grow an ear!

Watching people rush to him after the talk to have their photographs taken with him (and his third ear!) was just a little surreal. As he continues to be ever curious and ever aware of new developments to closer connect the Body and Technology, Stelarc has become both an artist and a celebrity.

Stelarc’s publc lecture at LASALLEĀ has been recorded and archived on Livestream, which can be viewed here!