Project Update 03: The Subzone (Testing Animations)

I found myself growing interested in creating an ecosystem of sorts in the Subzone. The errors, glitches and maybe even the textures could have a life of their own. I came across the following video where apparently the movements of  “creatures” were not predetermined (i.e. they moved based on algorithms). The way they kept bumping into each other and the little accidents happening among them was something that fascinated me a lot. Once I have locked down the rest of the environment in place in the virtual space, I could probably attempt to create looped animations of blocks of error codes which literally move through space and interact with the viewer.

I have started creating a YouTube playlist dedicated to Unity and started collecting tutorials and workarounds. Having a playlist curated will come in handy when I need to refer back to a particular video or process for reference.

Screenshot of my YouTube playlist in progress

The following below are some examples of animation work done in Maya, which will be exported to Unity as .fbx files. One thing I discovered a bit later on was that Unity does not support vertice animation, and I will be keeping this in mind while continuing the work on the project.

anim_01 maya_anim02

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