The Subzone (Technical Realisation)


The above diagram illustrates the proposed workflow I have in mind for this project (that is, assuming everything in the pipeline actually works according to plan). I will continue to take screenshots of my Facebook feed and use these as my “textures” in the virtual space being created in Unity. As of now, I am only considering making the most of just one social media platform like Facebook as it is very popular and easily recognisable by many.

Having already looked through some of the basic tutorials for simple level creation and how to export a game from Unity, the next part of getting the game and it’s assets out of Unity should be a fairly simple process. In order for other users to access the game, it needs to be stored online, and Dropbox would be a very good fit for this purpose. After doing some research, I found that the Unity files will need to be placed in the “Public” folder in order to ensure that the game can be embedded and played without problems.

The last step would be getting the Unity game to run embedded in a blogpost. I decided to make use of Tumblr as the platform where I will publish the Unity project, as Tumblr has a reblog and like function for individual blog posts which would help greatly in making something go viral. It also ensures easy sharing of blogposts and content among Tumblr users which is yet another plus.

Possible Problems

dropbox_downShould a problem arise with Dropbox, I will revert to Google Drive as my failsafe storage solution. If this was to occur, I will need to remember to change the embed code for the files to point them to their new location. Otherwise, users will no longer be able to access the content and they would only be greeted with a dead page.

Allowing multiple users to connect to the server (in this case, Dropbox) is another possible issue which may need to be considered. As of this time of writing, I do not know if Dropbox imposes any form of limit as to the maximum number of people allowed to access a file at any given time. If I am unable to overcome this problem, I will consider the possiblitiy of bringing the game to the user (i.e. asking friends to play it on my laptop, record their reactions, document them)


The Unity webplayer itself is another possible avenue for problems to occur. Not everyone will have the appropriate plugin installed in order to view and access the embedded content, so I will need to probably put a link on the frontpage of my Tumblr site to let them know where to go to download it. At the same time, embedding the webplayer itself is another issue as there needs to be some form of correct formatting and javascript invovled in order to place the Unity webplayer within a blogpost. Some more research needs to be done in this area.

Animating the textures and moving them like GIFs would be another problem. If GIFs fail to work, I would probably have to import individual frames into Unity and see how it goes from there. This also brings me to the point on integrating triggered animations which start off after a user does something in this virtual space. This requires a fair bit of tweaking and also exploring additional input from a 3d program like Maya. Checking out some forums online gave me the impression that bringing something in from Maya to Unity has a lot of things which could go terribly wrong, and this calls for some testing.


What if the Unity game becomes unplayable? (i.e. Murphy’s Law). In any case, should the exported files from Unity become damaged or corrupted, I will fall back on documenting all the steps I have taken till the point of corruption. Should attempting to open the corrupted files provide interesting results, I will attempt to record them as well as making the files public on my Tumblr site.

4 thoughts on “The Subzone (Technical Realisation)

  1. hey prakash! are the textures loaded dynamically from facebook each we visit the subzone? can we interact with the page from within the subspace? also wondering if error messages would appear, maybe replicating and cascading out of control/order; would be interesting to see these dialog boxes in 3d space.

    1. Right now, the textures are all pre-captured and will load exactly the same way each time. I’m not sure if there is a way to dynamically load from facebook so that the textures will be different each time, but that’d be interesting to see (but I have no idea how to do that though as of this time). I’ve been thinking about having the textures being just procedurally created from a set stack of screenshots, but I’m not sure how to go about setting that up. Hopefully I might find my answers somewhere in the forums (or would you happen to have any ideas as to how I could go about this?)

      Yeah, and about the error messages appearing in 3d space, that would definitely be a good addition. That’s gotten me wondering if it is possible to switch between 2d scene to 3d scene in an embedded Unity scene. Will have to check that out a bit more.

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