The Subzone (Role of the Viewer)


Screenshot from Gmod (sandbox game) where a gamemap is glitched due to missing files on the player’s computer.

The viewer is expected to be an active agent, to interact with and to navigate around the virtual subspace. Instead of being led on to do something, the viewer would have full freedom to explore the area of the subspace. The viewer will not be held back from leaving the “gamearea” so to speak, and he or she will be allowed to freeroam to any part of the world map within the virtual environment.

The viewer would be able to intereact with objects and artifacts in this subspace, which may trigger reactions to occur in other parts of the space. The viewer would then become a catalyst for visual changes to occur within the subspace.

One thought on “The Subzone (Role of the Viewer)

  1. While you allow them to explore the whole area, I think you can still introduce certain elements that lead them to initiate an interaction!
    I find it intriguing when you mention that their interaction may trigger reactions in other parts of the space, because I imagined a sort of chain reaction that can take place, molding each of the viewer’s experience differently; They now influence one another’s perception even though they are in the same space

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