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Hole in Space

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“Hole in Space” opens the proverbial door into a world where Man makes contact with Man via this hole, which only exists in a virtual space. In the work, artists Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz created a portal, allowing people on the east coast and the west coast of the United States to communicate with each other in real time, while being able to both see and hear one another.

At the time, such a work seemed so unreal and so out of the ordinary, as participants in the work actively engaged each other via this virtual space to reach out to those existing in the real space on the other end of this hole in space. For that moment, both participants on either side of the hole were connected to one another. The added bonus of people being able to not only see but to also be able to hear and talk to those on the other end elevates this unique moment to greater heights in the realm of what was originally though to be impossible.

The real spaces on both ends become connected via a virtual space (the hole), which is not bound to any form of limitation. This virtual space becomes an entity of it’s own, allowing for the constant two-way feedback and projection of video and audio to both parties on either ends of the hole. In a way, this establishment of a connection between two sides which seems very real, becomes even more mind-boggling by the fact that this conenction is sustained by something that exists in a space which is not grounded in reality, or rather, a space which exists solely in the virtual realm.


Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz, "Hole-in-Space", 1980, Video documentation
Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz, “Hole-in-Space”, 1980, Video documentation

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“Hole-in-Space” is a quintessential work which was highly effective in tearing down the idea that the Real and the Virtual spaces need not be separate, by actually creating this illusion of a hole torn in space which broadcast and carried feedback from both ends of the open real spaces. This becomes a milestone and in some ways, a cultural achievement in predicting the trend of things to come, as people have continued to attempt to bridge the gap between the Real and the Virtual space. “Hole-in-Space” becomes an example of a hybrid, born from the fusion between the real and the Virtual, where Man makes first contact with himself via medium which is yet to be fully grasped and understood in finite terms.

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