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#2 Project Hyperessay-Influences


 1) Operation wandering soul

found this clip along while doing my research.

“Also known as “Ghost Tape Number 10” was an audio mix the US military used for psychological operations in the Vietnam War against the North Vietnamese. It played deeply on the Vietnamese belief of ancestor worship, spirits and the afterlife. This was in accord with the ‘Chieu Hoi’ (Open Arms) program.

The Wandering Soul was played on loudspeakers installed on helicopters, PCF boats or by infantry ‘loudspeaker teams’ on known enemy areas usually at night deep within the jungle.

“It exploited the belief among many of the Vietnamese people that once a person is dead the remains must be placed in an ancestral burial ground or that person will forever wander aimlessly in space. The tape was so effective that we were instructed not to play it within earshot of the South Vietnamese forces, because they were as susceptible as the Viet Cong or North Vietnamese Army.””


2) doc.- INTERVALS Audio-Walk-Performance

interesting how instructions were given to enable listeners to experience the surroundings and imagine the environment through sounds.