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Life 2.0-Bluntly Berblinger

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An alternate life-that’s what Second life is all about.

It is interesting how the virtual world could replicate life through an online platform where participants could recreate their dream job, spouse,house etc without any expensive cost and minus the hassle of real life. It feels like an opportunity for participants to rediscover their alter-ego and just be themselves without being judged physically. It is  about connecting emotionally without the risk of physical abuse.


In Second Life, Bluntly Berblinger escapes his marriage life to have a cheap thrill affair with a married woman through an avatar he made that is of resemblance to him in the virtual world. He feels an attachment to Amie Goode in the virtual world which he pursues in real life to the extent of meeting her at her hometown. He caused her rocky relationship to falter and she divorced from her real life husband to stay with him. However, he soon realized that the Amie he sees in the virtual world is different in real life which annoys him and makes him think twice about the relationship.

The airy fairy life that the virtual reality portray betrays the very well-being of living life in the real world-where there are obstacles. Yes it may be convenient to find romance,friendships etc in the virtual world but in the real world it is about facing these everyday life problems which people tend to fend off.

Berblinger is clouded by the fancy idea of  virtual romance addiction that is convenient that he forgets to accept the other party the way she is like in real life. Instead he ran away citing reasons they are not compatible. He neglects his real marriage and assume an avatar to fulfill his desires that he is unable to get in real life.  Till now I still am interested how he manage to get away with his real wife.

Bodies in Flight-Doublehappiness

Hence, talking about relationship in the virtual world and the real world, it reminds me of my previous post “Flight in Bodies-Doublehappiness(2000) where assuming relationship in the virtual world and the real world differs.