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THE THIRD SPACE: Bodies in Flight – DoubleHappiness (2000) UPDATED

Bodies in Flight- DoubleHappiness(2000)

Double Happiness, a transport

[Transport (tr_ns pôr_), v.t., to convey, remove: to send overseas, as a convict: to translate: to carry off (as by the fairies, Shakespeare): to throw into an ecstasy.]

BODIES IN FLIGHT performances infuses new technologies in alternative venues that reconstructs the conventional relationship between audiences and performers, and audiences and place.

They collaborated  internationally  with spell#7 (a local performance based group), to create a piece that explores this intercultural relationship over the fusion of text, contemporary theatre and information technology through DoubleHappiness(2000), a multi-media performance with accompanying web-site doublehappines2.com.

The Third Space in my opinion is an alternative realm of expression where physical space due to either through cultural upbringing etc. restricts such expression.  Doublehappiness(2000) gives the audience two space(the virtual and the physical theatre space) where audience will experience both realms firstly through a chatroom and then a physical theatre where their relationship continues. Will love blossoms?  It is interesting to wonder how couples will react in the virtual space as compared to real life.

Will they be more open in cyberspace where they be less prone to make a fool of themselves or will it distant them more?

The idea of the virtual world translated to this current space will definitely lay out the differences in attitudes on how couples may date and react. At the same time it diminishes this barrier of location as couples can date anytime and anywhere(depending on the timezone of the country) as compared to the hassle of finding a location to date in the physical world. The confinement of a theatre will further essentuate this reality as to me a theatre space is another space(a performative space) and not exactly a physical space as what we normally know off. This piece to me is a display of the different possible spaces we are exposed to and how different we react to suit the space we choose to . What seemed normal in that space will be akward or creepy in another. Just take a look at this video.



(a common character in Chinese as it means double joy and usually used for Chinese New Year and weddings)

As the name of the piece suggest, the setting the piece is of a Chinese wedding context where this piece multimedia chatroom was set up overseas and then performed back at Singapore and then back. There is this cultural exchange between the local counterparts and the foreign culture. As such it has always been a controversy between western ideology and the traditional Chinese ideology when it comes to wedding and this is where the play explores this  familarity and alienation that tries to co-exist together. So keeping in mind the idea of the third space, are we totally acceptance of this space as something that defies all values of humanity in light of what is real and what is not?  While we are still asking ourselves these questions, the play does bring out relevant discussions of the tangible and the non-tangible scenarios.



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