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Stelarc-the cyborgian visionary

Stelarc and his cyborg hand writing the word “evolution”

It’s been a few weeks since the class went for the talk by Stellar. Stelarc has been a inspiration for me due to his passionate art of exploring the limitations and capabilities of the human body. His work is a fusion of his body and machines that assist his body in carrying out different tasks e.g. walking etc.

Stelarc is a living example of an experimentation of technology into oneself like a wearable technology. He did a surgery where he even input a cast of his ear into his forearm which had bluetooth capabilities. He tried walking on a giant machine resembling a spider leg. He even went lengths to pierce his whole body and suspend it in mid air. He is embracing technology as a second body. Unafraid of these foreign machineries. Could it be that he sees the future of possibilities with technology?

I do adore his intense research in the field of technology and the human body. Bionic man in the making!

Bionic man possible?

here is the photo we took with Stelarc!