“Ugly commercial sons of bitches.”

Jodi 5-word acceptance speech (a Webby Award tradition) to criticize the event

Jodi.org is an art collective by Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans. It involves software art and artistic computer games modification of old games like Wolfenstein 3D, Max Payne 2 and many others. they disemble the structure of the coding that makes the game and reconstruct it to make something that doesn’t make intuitive sense.

“Something Wrong is Nothing Wrong”

On first interaction with the website, I actually thought my computer was infected with some virus or spyware while browsing through jodi .org. This is due to the interface which reacts absurdly to either typing or the click of a mouse. The website is also not consistent where for every visit, it will change its interface and it’s interaction.

sample of how jodi.org works

(On first glance it looks like a set of green cluster of TEXT but on closer look it is a ascii of a hydrogen bomb. (refer to Prakash post on more information on the text aspect of Jodi.org)

There is It’s quite interesting how Jodi.org is an interactive art platform that has this familarity about the interface(you can even interact with the interface eg Googlemaps), however, they mainpulated or disintegrate the coding to its basic form which makes the interface bizarre. Especially for their version of googlemap, there are weird symbols that doesn’t make sense seem to flood the screen excessively forming patterns of interaction with each other.


It seems like an act of hackerism and the glitch in the interface just stun you for a while. The website interplays with popular user interaction on the web like blogs,google maps,website,source code and manipulate them to look bizarre with some sense of humour through their manipulation of the interface. It’s like they are controlling how you interact with the website instead of the other way round.


Strangely I see a beauty in the art of digital web interface manipulation. Such random repetitive patterns and colours interact with each other as the viewer helplessly watch their computer being controlled by the interface. Some term it “art hacking” at its finest. So do enjoy and step back and watch the cyberworld controlling your screens at jodi.org














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