#3 Project Hyper essay-Role of the viewer


In this experiment, users will be given a set of music to listen while closing their eyes. To the beat of the music, they are free to move their whole body to react to the music. their sessions will be recorded through skype and a compiled video will be infused together with an audio spectrum effect in After effects in a psychedelic presentation.

Aim of the experiment:

provide an auditary experience to the viewer in a state of semi-consciousness while interacting with a camera(Skype session). Will the camera in front of them restrict them from this experience? I would like to infuse this experience of freedom from the known (inspired from the book of the dead) and direct them to a specific task eg raising their hands etc and see if they can respond to it. I will give them a choice to either respond to the task or immerse in the audio experience.

Role of the viewer:

The viewer interacts with this audio space while being semi aware of the virtual space he/she is presenting while being in the real space. Giving directions in such a space can be confusing but fun at the same time and see how the audience interact.

One thought on “#3 Project Hyper essay-Role of the viewer

  1. Hi Nasir!

    I’m wondering if instead of giving the audience a choice to respond to a task or immerse in the audio experience, maybe it’d be more interesting to just make them do the task and see how the psychedelic music affects their ‘mental processing / decision making’? Then building on it, maybe the specific task can be a way for them to do an action that form a certain shape or image etc when pieced together.

    In the case of keeping the original format of what you intend to do, I’m wondering if accompanying the music with a psychedelic video (styled like your featured image) would enhance this hypnotic experience for the viewers.

    Alternatively, building on Randall’s comment about looking into not having to depend on the viewers so much, maybe make the video itself interactive?

    Stumbled upon this video whilst using the search terms “interactive psychedelic”, maybe it can help you generate some ideas:

    Other interactive music videos:

    I think they are very high-level programming/coding stuff, but perhaps to make it simple yet involving the viewer, it can be those “make a decision” YouTube videos.

    All the best!

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