#1 Project Hyper essay-Audio-visual Experience

My project is audio based documentation of the journey of a soul rediscovering his past life through the places he floats around. It is like recollecting his memories from the places and instead of  through visual means, i decided to do an audio based experience. I was inspired by the film :Enter the Void by Gaspar Noé where we see a soulless body looking back at his past.

Enter the void

The auditory senses of the places we’ve been to does shape the history of the place we know and I think it will be interesting to discover this auditory experience. I was thinking of a plot where a soul who just died from an unknown death finding how he died.

UPDATES: 24th Feb 2014


I continued exploring this idea of a soul wandering and discovered about the Tibetan book of the Dead. The book encompasses about stages the soul goes through in the afterlife. Another book called “The psychedelic experience” by Timothy leary sprung out based on the latter book. It is an instruction manual used for sessions involving psychedelic drugs with their basis of eradicating fear, embracing forms etc.

Instead of the use of drugs, using audio as a psychedelic experience. It will be interesting to experiment a state of psychedelic audio experience where audience can voluntarily react to a particular type of music inspired from this book while closing their eyes and feel the music through a skype session.

with the result of the experiment, I will compile a collage of reactions with a auditory visual piece with After effects. See below for example.




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