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Project Updates #6 – Teaser video of the Psychedelic project & its new interface






TEASER VIDEO for the project which will be ongoing.

How the whole process of the psychedelic experience works?

Listen to selected music----------> select suitable filter in Photobooth --------> record your psychedelic experience video----------> Submit your video through> artist will manipulate the submitted video and re post it in the tumblr site -------> THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE



#5 Project Hyperessay: Conclusion




A “psychedelic experience” is an altered state of awareness induced by the consumption of certain psychotropicsholotropic breathworkmeditation, or sensory deprivation.

Using a song inspired by the psychedelic experience, will audience too be experiencing what the song writer felt while being induced by such “psychedelic consumption?” That’s where the project is experimenting on the concept of transcendence experience. Strangely enough what I come to realize from the submissions I received is that the experience is different from each individual. Some feel excited, some feel emotional, some feel dizzy, and some sees this experience through colors. The selection of the filters in Mac’s Photobooth does have its own “feel” in terms of what the audience is feeling while listening to the song.


Identity comes as an evident issue while doing doing project as the identity of the original participant diminishes or becomes apparent as the final video is being churned out by the artist(me). The participant has their own notion of what they would like to be perceived as and translate this through the selection of the filters in Mac Photo

booth. The song choice gives a backdrop for the participants to explore this identity they can relate to and this raise the class discussion on IDENTITY DOUBLE/VIDEO DOUBLE. We are comfortable to present ourselves in a certain stereotype/attitude in this internet medium.

In addition, the artist manipulation of the video also adds on to this complicated layer of perception of oneself. So in the end, the final video is an outcome of the collaborated perception and expectation of how an individual should be represented.

This project hence, raises the evident nature of multiple identities!

REMINDS ME OF THE FILM PERSONA! where we present what we want people to knows us at that point of time



the power of this project is the ability to see to view what is being submitted and the final outcome of the video through a viewing platform of tumblr. Participants are in a way interacting with the artist knowingly or unknowingly forming this conversation in third

space. The idea of communication through their videos and the manipulation of the final videos gives this portrayal of participants identity from a stranger’s eyes. Hence it can be non-biased I guess. The power of reflagging will also add on to this spread of “knowing the user.”

This project has also made me explore other ways of presenting an idea to the public through other web platforms other than wordpress which can have their own limitations. Nothing is perfect and finding the right web medium mix for the project is therefore important. and…

I think I’m obsessed with the 1960s era of hipster culture. Damn I wish I was there back then! haha
monk or novice enlightenment bodhi awakening Light of Buddha bird_beckman77 Homam Alojail flickr Songkla, Thailand 13608405695

Project Updates #4 – Changes in the Submission layout (USER EXPERIENCE)

I finally got some promising video submissions from our OSS group esp Chin Fang, Jingxiang,Prakash, Min and Diana! Thanks peeps!

While browsing through the way I received the file, I realized there are limitations of wordpress in handling video submissions and this can only be done externally either through my email or

While browsing through some of the peers website, tumblr seems to be a good platform in getting a direct submission without having me to download the link through my email etc.


Hence, I’ve created an additional website dedicated to the submission and probably I will shift all my wordpress contents to tumblr.this way it is easier for the participants to submit their entries, making their experience more convenient.

the battle of platform layout

As my PSYCHEDELIC Project is about the user experience, I will need to consider thoroughly how my participants will feel so as not to affect their Psychedelic experience while participating in the project.



Project Update #3 – The Psychedelic Experience for the artist (Me)

I imagined the video to be full of randomness with a vibe of the 1960s and what more than to relate to forms and textures that represents the 1960s.
1) The swirly mind-boggling patterns

2) The weird dreamy feeling of instability

3) Colours that are appalling

4) Cartoons/artworks/fashion/1960s culture

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Hence this experience as an artist should be translated to the video that is being submitted to me as it will add another layer of this psychedelic interpretation of the video.


I was thinking of also infusing the audio spectrum/waveform of the song "Tomorrow Never Knows" into the final video incorporating the audio interpretation of the participants in a visual form.

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I even added effects in Adobe after effects to create weird  circular repetitive patterns using mirror, bulge,distort,repetitive tiles etc.

big pic