VDMX + Ableton Adventures [ part ii / iii ]

During the Skype consultation, Randall suggested taking works that I consider to be ‘high design’ or ‘high art’ and then remixing them into an audio-visual work, therefore in this Live+VDMX session, I am attempting to produce one example through syncing Live and VDMX.

Somehow the softwares were either in trial version or incomplete, so I could not integrate my ‘daddy by plath’ remix since I used certain instruments like Operator, which were unavailable. Hence, I resorted to taking a default construction kit whilst adding Ultraloop sounds on top of it.

Getting the VST preferences right:
vst plugins

Making key mappings to trigger the loops:

Also finally utilising Ultraloops:

Before moving on to VDMX, I searched the web for images of designs by designers that I look up to, I also decided to include some gifs so that there will be some animation to liven up and contrast with static images. I didn’t quite bother renaming the files (I usually do, so that I can keep track of the source or creator) to keep in line with the idea of rebelling against intellectual property rights on the web—how on the Internet, there isn’t much control of what is yours, people can easily take your image as long as you have put it up online.


In VDMX, I had actually struggled to find the Media Bin option. It took some time of messing around, clicking absolutely everywhere before I found it nestled under the plug-ins option, and before long I could activate the ‘continuous learn’ option to assign key triggers to the clips.

I actually discovered the feature of overlaying 2 layers by chance, and this chance encounter made me understand how VDMX works even more. I was just triggering clips off with one static layer underneath when I accidentally hit the wrong key, which changed the static layer and that moment was #mindblown, which made me analyse what exactly happened.

A zoomed-in shot of the Layers option:

Testing out the over layering effect:



Here’s a screen recording of what I did after the eureka moment:

A video to show the triggering of the clips through the computer keyboard:

The end product of my first successful syncing is this:

After exporting the first video, I remixed it again into this second video, together with a slightly different audio loop:

In the end I realised that I had so much fun playing around with the effects and triggering VDMX clips that I forgot about triggering the audio, which explains the ultra repetitive loops.

The entire session was actually riddled with bouts of productivity and confusion…mostly confusion as I took quite some time to get the preferences right, find out how to get Ultraloops to work for example, setting up the layers correctly, finally having control of VDMX etc. but I managed to get a result that I would say is quite satisfactory for an amateur on her second exploration with VDMX.

Credit to mr div also for making awesome gifs that helped to add some spice to my remixed video.

& here’s a long lost / long running joke of Skrillex pressing play on his MacBook:

And Skrillex ‘dropping the bee’:

3 thoughts on “VDMX + Ableton Adventures [ part ii / iii ]

  1. Profile photo of nasirnasir

    Really see the audio visual work coming out well min! Reminded me of a work like this:
    I’m not sure whether you are still asking viewers to contribute their mixed audio piece but if you do, probably U can have a default videos for VDMX to play with when these new ‘MIXES’ are passed to U. So eventually have a final piece that will seem similar but arranged differently due to the nature of the mix?

  2. Profile photo of Prakash HaridasPrakash Haridas

    Hey, this is trippy! Hmm do you still want viewers to be able to discern the ‘high design’ or ‘high art’ elements you’re incorporating into the videos? Or do you want to keep remixing them to the point of not knowing “the ingredients” at all? Oh, and when can we start submitting works to you via the Tumblr site? As for the software still being in trial version mode, you might want to let Randall know about it asap so that he might be able to send an email. (we should have access to full versions of the software by now I think).

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