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Project Hyperessay: Role of the Viewer

Role of the viewer: describe the role of the viewer, for example, if there is any interactivity, networked participation, collaboration, etc. How does the viewer interact with the work, and even more importantly, affect its outcome.

Adopting the model of remixthebook, viewers are encouraged to:

1. Submit tracks for remixing
2. Download the raw and/or remixed tracks for their own versions
3. Submit their own remixes
4. Reblog Reblog Reblog! Using the power of social media to spread the idea and/or content around

This interactivity will keep up the open-source nature of the blog, which will be hosted on Tumblr. The interactivity is most likely not in real-time, but free to happen at any time. Although this project starts out as an individual one, hopefully it will attract active participation and gain its own following or cult status.

Since the open source element is a big factor, the concept of copyright or intellectual property will be challenged as people either appropriate content from other sources and/or clips provided through the blog, or keep remixing a previous version of the remix such that a ‘remix inception’ is produced. Through that, the original content will be ¬†Using the CreativeCommons license generator, I am thinking that all the work on the blog will be licensed as this:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Overview on the usage of Tumblr

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The tumblr interface is very similar to how a lot of social networking or blogging sites work nowadays; through hashtags the user is able to find a variety of posts, and reblogging is easily done with a click of the button as circled in the picture above. Additionally, I can classify the remixes on the blog accordingly with the hashtags and create something akin to ‘categories’ on wordpress as a way of organising content and information.

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There are currently quite a number of remix blogs like the example above, however for mine it is slightly different since it is (1) more about dissolving works that are considered ‘high art’ such as classical music, and (2) the remixes are not limited to just sounds, pictorial and video remixes are welcomed as well.

As circled in the picture above, the audience can and are also encouraged to follow the blog for updates.

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Tumblr is perhaps also one of the first to provide or introduce an in-built submitting system besides the reblogging feature, rather than having people take the extra step of crafting an email to submit to the moderator.

As shown in the two screenshots above, the Tumblr submissions form support the 3 main media I am aiming to work with.

Tentative URL:

navigate, navigate
introduction | influences | role of the viewer
technical realisation | conclusion

2 thoughts on “Project Hyperessay: Role of the Viewer

  1. Profile photo of nasirnasir

    Hi Min!
    I love your idea! think the customization of the remixes to the audience taste will definitely be exciting!
    haha Just have some suggestions to the idea:
    1) probably you can start of your remix(source), then allow audience to change it and resubmit to you. Then you can just update this (source) database with the “audience remixed version.” In that way there will be constant update of the source and the inception feel where audience will remix a remix of someone remixing your remix. hahaha that will be awesome! hahaha

    2)Another alternative i see is to start of a simple tune and let the audience add on layers to the tune perhaps? so the final product is a collaborative effort of your tune/remix and the others? Just my two-cents worth! but do update me your project kay! i wld love to participate!:D


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