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Hyperessay: Technical Realization


1x Dark Room

Equipment needed:

8x Custom Made Pedestals

8x Glass Cylinders

8x Colorsplash Light Thingies

1x Entec DMX usb pro

1x Teabox

8x Pressure Sensors

1x Mac Mini


8x Audio Samples + x

Max Patcher – Pressure changes to light/sound

 Single Box Setup


Hopefully I can come up with 8 of these.  The pedestals made using acrylic sheets, laser cut to the dimensions shown above. The pedestals will house a singular pressure sensor and a Colorsplash lighting device. The cylinder will sit in a indentation on the pedestal. Separated from the sensor from another piece of acrylic.


Work in progress: See http://oss2014.adm.ntu.edu.sg/enliang/audio-exploration/

Programs: Ableton Live


Work in progress. See: http://oss2014.adm.ntu.edu.sg/enliang/actual-role-of-the-viewer/

Sensor to Audio

Sensor to Lighting

Programs: Max/MSP