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Concepts: The context of space.

The Space

“Art confronts an individual with a situation in which their boundaries, both physical and mental, are redefined. ” Is art transformed by its context, or does the context defines the art. (Especially in space, whole concepts are redefined, time travel, the idea of 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a zero g environment, the concept of an inside and an outside) The boundaries of art are ever shifting. How more would it in space. image Space Art Chosen Out of 200 Applications, because unlike the others the whole concept require it to be in space. It wasnt created in a studio and then to be sent out in orbit. Scheduled to fly in 1986 on the Challenger, after the changing of the rules that all space-bound payloads must have scientific value. In this case, Burgess not try to disguise and bastardize his piece as a scientific piece of work to work about the past regulations, instead presenting it as what it is, a work of art. Eventually the work was put on the Discovery shuttle in 1989. – The first piece of art launched into space. The piece symbolised the release of everything and nothing. It consisted of a Cube inside a 6 pound, 5 inch cube of bronze-tinted transparent glass, Under bright light, holograms of text (Poems on nothing and everything, Darkness and light) appeared on the surface. The cube contain water from 18 rivers around the globe, including the Mississippi, Amazon, Yangtze, The Nile and other water sources like glaciers, geysers, ponds and wells. Also traces of all the elements were infused into the water. So the inner cube which was essentially a vaccum, sits within the larger cube with contain the mixture. This was the concept of nothing in everything. and then in space nothing. and so on. wow. The piece orbited the earth 90 times, before returning to earth. where it was placed in the grounds of the Decova museum. Unmarked. His reasoning being, if people want to find it, they will. The Relevance. The concept of using space, be it the metaphysical or literal aspect, in installation art. How does the context of space itself change the role of the viewer and artist in question, or vice versa for that matter. How would the use of a particular space change the boundaries that which we see is art. Is interactivity a reaction or an action to it? In this case does putting a bunch of lit up jars in a room create a change in the phenomenology? If not, how would i achieve so?