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Audio Exploration

Sound Influences

Research on the type of soundscape I want to create. I am looking at creating multi-layered soundscapes that fit into the amount of interaction of the piece (up to 8 overlaying samples). These are a few influences after doing some research.

Explosions in the sky was the first thing I thought of, I wanted to create something cinematic yet surreal. A sound that could add emotion to a empty space. Not just as an ambient sound but atmospheric in nature.

Kraftwerk’s introduction to Autobahn was another style I had likened to this project. A piece that can easily be build up and taken apart.

This piece interests me due to the overlaying of the voice recordings.

Cant forget Aphex Twin.

Also Bladerunner!

Sound exploration

From: http://phase47.bandcamp.com/track/the-sun-came-out-epilogue

Conceptual Ideas


A website that cycles through websites that auto play music. (ikr)


This one is haunting, overlaying music with a live feed of the police radio


Numbers stations:  A russian radio tower that plays short buzzes. It’s been recording from 1982. On rare occasions the buzzing is stopped and you can hear a russian voice say numbers. Nobody knows what the purpose of this station is.

There is some speculation that the tower isnt a recording and that it’s live

Recording to this day….


Conet Project: Recordings of these radio transmissions.