Hyperessay: Technical Realization


1x Dark Room

Equipment needed:

8x Custom Made Pedestals

8x Glass Cylinders

8x Colorsplash Light Thingies

1x Entec DMX usb pro

1x Teabox

8x Pressure Sensors

1x Mac Mini


8x Audio Samples + x

Max Patcher – Pressure changes to light/sound

 Single Box Setup


Hopefully I can come up with 8 of these.  The pedestals made using acrylic sheets, laser cut to the dimensions shown above. The pedestals will house a singular pressure sensor and a Colorsplash lighting device. The cylinder will sit in a indentation on the pedestal. Separated from the sensor from another piece of acrylic.


Work in progress: See http://oss2014.adm.ntu.edu.sg/enliang/audio-exploration/

Programs: Ableton Live


Work in progress. See: http://oss2014.adm.ntu.edu.sg/enliang/actual-role-of-the-viewer/

Sensor to Audio

Sensor to Lighting

Programs: Max/MSP


3 thoughts on “Hyperessay: Technical Realization”

  1. Definitely looking forward to experiencing and trying out the work for sure. As an added suggestion, perhaps you may wish to explore and elaborate upon how the “dark room” you wish to situate the piece in would help to further the mood and experience of the work?


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