Hyperessay: Role of the Viewer

The role of the viewer in this piece is not very different from that of many interactive pieces. However, it is still not practiced often in most of the contemporary art world.

Based on this i will refer to the analysis which i had done on the Hole in space by Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinovits.

What I felt happened here is one of the many sparks in redefining the boundaries of art. As a very reluctant student of art history, I akin it to a repeat of the ideology behind the realism movement only this time in interactive and technology driven art. From what i understand, realism began after the french revolution , naturally it was a protest against romanticism, rejecting its exotic subject matter and the idealised classicism of academic art in favour of down to earth concepts and the depiction of the common man.

In essence the same holds true to some extent, where Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz removes the boundaries of high art. Taking it out of the display of a museum onto a public street exposed to the masses, and rightly so; as the piece was never meant to be analyzed by the academia nor be ogled by the rich or the educated. It was meant to experienced by the world, the very people that in time were to be the ones that had to accept and adapt to the changes of technology and with it connectivity, it was the rehearsal for web whether they knew it or not and also the staging point for the Gesamtwerk- the collective artwork.

This the very basis for many interactive works, where the works are true to its genre and are meant to be interacted with. Therefore the viewer has to work with the piece if not, the piece itself is nothing.

In this case, this piece is based on the many to many paradigm, where one or more entities are meant to work together, and control the piece. As it should be. The piece is not a rigidly composed soundpiece but instead put together by the masses and their interaction with the works. With their content and interaction, my content is generated: thus showing the metaphorical connections between the actions of the many and the internet in its essence.

The viewer has superseded the artist. To generate content, that is relevant to the context (the many to many paradigm) The artist and the viewer takes part in the cycle in which it content is constantly being created with as little control as possible. That is the gesamtklingen. The collective soundscape.

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