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Tracking the 2D into 3D

Let’s face it, I spend most of my time on my computer. Be it lying on my bed with my macbook or gaming away on my pc.

Here are some of the data I collected based on my mouse movements over time. The lines represents the paths and the circles represent the length of time spent hovering over that position.

IOGraphica - 1.2 hours (from 23-52 Feb 19th to 1-07 Feb 20th)This first data sample was taken from my PC at 1920 x 1080 over a period of 1.2 hours of activity (Dota), from 23:52 Feb 19th to 1:07 Feb 20th. This was just a test.

IOGraphica - 39 minutes (from 4-54 to 7-02)


This was taken from my macbook, 39 minutes (from 4-54 to 7-02) of web surfing.

IOGraphica - 13 minutes (from 13-36 to 16-31)Macbook pro, 13 minutes (from 13:36 to 16:31), surfing, 1 of 3 progression.

IOGraphica - 33 minutes (from 13-36 to 23-14)45 minutes (from 13:36 Feb 19th to 5:43 Feb 20th), 2 of 3 progression.

IOGraphica - 3.5 hours (from 13-36 Feb 19th to 18-16 Feb 23th)23.5 hours of usetime (from 13:36 Feb 19th to 18:16 Feb 23th), 3 of 3

Steady as she goes.