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Virtually Awkward Silence

“Three Listening Modes” by Michael Chion:

  • Casual Listening
  • Semantic Listening
  • Reduced Listening

Cinematic Silence

Sound Designer, Roger Low (www.roglow.com), on the emphasis of silence for films do not imply the lack of sound, but ambience helps in establishing the context and certain devices such as clock-ticking could emphasise that tension and then release.

Sound Design(ed)

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Virtually Awkward Silence

“A maid is trapped in a boy’s room.”

PhilippLimbo is a sub-impersonation* improvised in a condominium room in Singapore. It is suggestive of Singapore’s space constraint however comfortable lifestyle taken for granted.

sub-impersonation* is the derivative of an existing impersonation

Also, check out indie game Limbo.