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Project Hyperessay: Technical Realization

Open Source Studio — Public Intervention

11th April 2014, 1600hrs to 12th April 2014, 1600hrs

Real space: ADM Building, Lobby
Third space: http://meet47208930.adobeconnect.com/virtually-awkward/


2x long-throw projector, vga cable, mac adapter, power cable


2x short-throw projector, vga cable, mac adapter, power cable


2x iMac


2x speakers, XLR, power cable


1x sub-woofer


1x mixer


2x webcam


2x projector screen


2x trolley


1x Kewpie






  • Information and details of actual event on the internet
  • Instructions on undertakings to connect over the third space
  • Log sheet and catalog of interaction and activities
mike d

Final Project Presentation Slides

A Documentation of A Rare Skype Session

In the most natural march of time aligning towards technological singularity, there is one who is so aware of the attachment to electronics and held onto the refusal to partake the cyborg movement. However, something change the way she approaches relationships when she finally regains her faith just when she first believed Him. He saved a broken relationship. He is also a lifestyle of choice.

He is technology.

To rebuild a distant human relationship, she finally confronts her intimacy with the technology face on and overcomes the challenge of virtual awkwardness as she attempts to reconnect.

Through a live rare Skype session with a human she calls friend, she uncovers tangible and intangible treasures from which a third space provides.

Screenshot 2014-02-21 09.53.14
Fig. 1 Virtually awkward; Skype video staggering to load, image provided by Prof. Randall Packer

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.16.47 amFig.2 AVR (Augmented Virtual Reality); cross-brower pollination of hung-up screencaps

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.04.04 amFig. 3 Undelivered promise



Life 2.0: Asri Falcone 2.0

Life 2.0 is a feature-length documentary recounts the lives of individuals and how their engagement in the third space alters their lives in real time for the better or worse.

Real and Second Life
Asri Falcone asserts that her avatar is not of a separate entity but her very self. In the film sequence, filmmaker Jason Spingarn-Koff consciously decides upon the juxtaposition of Asri Falcone’s successful entrepreneurship in virtual world, and obese black woman who chain-smokes and sleeps till late in the day.

Asri Falcone in Second Life.

black sleeping beauty
Asri Falcone in Real Life.

Cinematic Techniques
Introduction of Asri Falcone evokes shock and disdain in view of her lifestyle and sense of self. It reminds of the notions of real and virtual life disparity in which Second Life offers this chance for escape. Undeniably it might have been an intention for gameplay, Life 2.0 offers a warm wrap for the depiction of Falcone, which serves as a reference for contemplation of the dilemma in virtuality and reality. Especially since Second Life is based upon realism of human, environment, and propagated interactions.

mistyFalcone and Misty embracing in real space.

In Falcone’s relationship with Misty, a fellow playmate in Second Life sharing a dedication in their gameplay, they engage with each other in entertainment and many other bonding activities. It attributes both character’s moments of intimacy to their common ground established in third space.

caseFalcone pursued for justice in real court.

Asri Falcone’s entrepreneurial spirit was apparent. Her victorious case from the sue of copyright infringement from virtual assets validates beyond the study of identity and extends towards economy. Liken to Bitcoins*, Linden currency in Second Life is not only virtually exchanged but to state currency and vice versa.

Elaborated on

What is a Bitcoin?




Tribute to Asri Falcone:

mulan water

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 6.46.53 PM