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Project Hyperessay: Conclusion


1. Gratitude

I am grateful of everyone from OSS and whom have been part of this experience, and Randall having such a strong standing from from conception to execution. A project that is so open-sourced, having input from everyone, culminates great spirit. Everyone helps each other to grow. It is a journey, seriously, for me, and almost transformative to have me this performance piece up and out.

2.  What is it?

Project virtual awkwardness is the virtual manifestation of what in physical space we call social awkwardness. As a digital native today, it is very much within our nature to be attached with our electronic devices, whether is it mentally, physical or emotionally. In this performance, I’m transposing the life of a digital native onto virtuality, coexisting on the same plane as reality performing everyday action as a force of nature. The 24hr aspect completes a cycle; this performance never ends. To place myself on the pedestal on the stage and broadcast my private concentration in the public space is to refine the boundaries of what is known to be private and public based on individual perception. I have been made as a sculptural form of what is it to be a digital native.


Chris Hables Gray emphasises n his introduction to the The Cyborg Handbook (1995), there are no clear-cut definitions of the cyborg.

McLuhan’s 1964 Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, which includes a range of “man’s extensions” besides broadcast or film media.

Donna Haraway’s utopic ” A Cyborg Manifesto” (1985).

Katherin Hayle’s analysed that people become post human when they think they are post human.

3. Why is it so?

I have found the likeness of binary opposites the for one to be socially awkward, one is not virtually awkward, vice versa. Distilling the complexity of technology to its essence is its utilitarian purpose of “bridging the gap”. The world is evolving is neither right or wrong to be falling into either extremes but the embracement of it brings forth the peculiar situation as us being likened  to a cyborg.

What are the social rules in virtual space are we to observe and under which situation do we escape from or confront? In both spaces, we have a choice.

4. How is it like as a 24hr performance?

Bodily functioning:
The sense of time and space is ethereal in virtuality without day and night.
Appetite becomes subjected only to outsiders of my own body to have food intake.
Mind’s potential can be tapped into as the third space serves the prosthetic ability to live beyond physicality of the body.

Social and virtual functioning:
The sense of celebration from coexisting in the hybridisation of spatiality, in spite of immateriality. The mediated. The virtual.

More updates 

1. Research relations will be organised and described in more details (those mentioned in presentation)

2. Stitching of the 24hr performance in a different form will be discussed