Live Tweet of Le Drame Français


One finds oneself reviewing past input on the internet and deletes. This behaviour could be found in anyone for varied amount of reasons and mostly a requirement to be considered as a virtually awkward.

While the below is a case study of a dirty laundry example, the dramatic tweets has also been removed from the Twitter account. In such a gesture the internet approves of, but what is said in real life can never be taken back. What we say matters in what we do as psychotherapist, Debbie Hogan, refers to the part and parcel of our human brain technology. But then again, with the longevity of all things birthed by the Internet, perhaps then possibility of data mining of the past residuals could nevertheless be realised. That, is futuristic in an attempt for trash recycling likening to space exploration of the Deep Web. But we are living in the future now so please find attached link to start.

Live Tweet of Le Drame Français

One afternoon, a human with a vagina sat on a table in Starbucks@Paragon, working on her Project Hyperessay for #ossntu. In a series of unfortunate event, her ears were almost endangered by some destructive waveforms transgressing through the coffee smell.

The inner troll of her was aroused and therefore could not be tamed but manifested in virtual and thankfully non-holographic presence in Twitter. She does not attempt to pretend it ain’t her ‘cos ain’t nobody got time for that.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.29.04 am

She refrains from confrontational aggression and has resorted to Twitter for live streams of consciousness. Like a Chuck Bass. Identifiable parallels in Gossip Girl*.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.29.17 am
Gossip Girl* In the drama television series, Gossip Girl is an unidentified character who spreads gossips through text messages anonymously. A classic troll. 



Self-deletion and the Political

Meanwhile, self-deletion is unintentional for Luke Harding.

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