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Test Setup

ADM Building, Lobby

4th April 2014, Friday

3:30pm: Equipment negotiation and loan
4:00pm: Equipment set up

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 8.53.07 pm
There are wandering souls and friends who passed by to say hi and enquire.

Audience are mainly passersby

Audio feedback
Logged in to Adobe Connect and currently UI does not indicate webcam and voice call.
Logged in to Skype and troubleshoot with Mike Tan, friendship favour.
Tested with Audio Skype Call and feedback are insidious.

The projection is hazy in the presence of sunlight.

Special thanks to Mr Lau Kheng Hock, Mr Kumar Chockanathan from IT department, and Mr Poh Zhuang Yu from Interactive Media office. Mike Tan from Skype.

One thought on “Test Setup

  1. Randall Packer

    I see you are working through the many complex issues that accompany a media installation. The trick is to find the right balance for all the elements. Regarding glare, you might consider checking the conditions during the same hours you will perform, or simply doing a purely nocturnal performance. My advice is to always roll with the conditions and find a way to exploit the problems. Turn them into assets.


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