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Test Setup

ADM Building, Lobby

4th April 2014, Friday

3:30pm: Equipment negotiation and loan
4:00pm: Equipment set up

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There are wandering souls and friends who passed by to say hi and enquire.

Audience are mainly passersby

Audio feedback
Logged in to Adobe Connect and currently UI does not indicate webcam and voice call.
Logged in to Skype and troubleshoot with Mike Tan, friendship favour.
Tested with Audio Skype Call and feedback are insidious.

The projection is hazy in the presence of sunlight.

Special thanks to Mr Lau Kheng Hock, Mr Kumar Chockanathan from IT department, and Mr Poh Zhuang Yu from Interactive Media office. Mike Tan from Skype.

wall light

The Physical Impossibility of Virtual Awkwardness in the Spatial Reality of Someone Living

Allegory of the Open Source Studio
From Plato’s cave to the Third Space

Fig. 1: Art History

Fig. 2: Manifesto

Fig. 3: Alter ego

Fig. 4: Skype

A progressive study through embodiment of steganography.

Art History
The liberation of one’s self from soul in an encounter larger than life with T. K. Sabapathy.

Mantra in the floating world of new media.

Alter ego
Impermanence in states of being allows for versatility

I want to forget

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Virtually Awkward Silence

“Three Listening Modes” by Michael Chion:

  • Casual Listening
  • Semantic Listening
  • Reduced Listening

Cinematic Silence

Sound Designer, Roger Low (, on the emphasis of silence for films do not imply the lack of sound, but ambience helps in establishing the context and certain devices such as clock-ticking could emphasise that tension and then release.

Sound Design(ed)

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Virtually Awkward Silence

The Art of Being Virtually Awkward

Project Virtual Awkwardness: Seriously Awkward

When the director of Open Source Studio, Randall Packer, surrendered the third space to Diana Mafia, she went into a flush of virtual awkwardness. One by one were the minions of OSS called into this interrogative session. As the mistress of a short duration performance of awkward culture, three compliant accomplice responded in favor; uncertain, bemused and somewhat awkward. The performative aspect of copycat actions has granted allowance for letting go, that one participant, Min, routed a towel around her head when the host, Diana Mafia bundled a turban. One victim, Wei Long, was hesitant. An authentically indian indian man, Prakash, was befitting of a towel turban. Anyway, all of them are embroiled into a series of NSFW (not safe for work) conversation, where content is, however, non-explicitly challenging but with an undertone that incurred awkwardness. What is peculiar and the most attractive situation was that behind the screen, the options are limited to binary opposites. Audiences are to participate in almost ritualistic desires of the chief. Due to the nature of virtuality, there is a chance for second-guessing, which traps respondents in themselves, thus unsure about the socio-virtual normality in reaction.

The pinnacle of this situation is most viably addressed with the expression “virtual awkwardness”, where the reality of society is transposed through the real space to the third space. “The real” has permeated from physicality to virtuality. The psyche of acting and reacting based on social contract of agreement and judgement in acceptability has to be rewrote, through this instigation, where formalities become informal, and the informal is subjected to be re-interpreted and perhaps, accepted.

In line with the Open Source Studio inception in classroom conduct, Randall Packer has verbally approve of a conversation log that runs throughout the class which would have otherwise never been approve of in conventional real classroom settings. A student is distracted is he is using other communication devices and deemed as not paying attention, in fact, unmannerly in due respect to the real space host. In a AdobeConnect class time, lines of messages are exchanged and would not be classified as a bane and competitive towards attention for the host. In this very manner, the socially acceptable behavior has transformed. Or rather, it is virtually acceptable.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.30.27 PM

One other observation of distraction, then, would be the representation of an avatar through video. There is a synchronization of participants, interactive or not, with their static camera angle. It can be a well-defined distraction, not within the space in frame but the instability of the vision of one’s studio space. For instance, connecting through the third space on transit while walking. A situation like this with changing background (studio space) can be virtually unacceptable, as much as one might be paying attention. It is probably similar in vibrations to how a teacher conducting a class in real-time can be distracted by happenings like noisy students or just plain disruptions.

Above all, the organisation of the third space is ever-evolving, so are the rules to virtual contract of agreement. In the contemporary and modern Internet times, we consider virtual law and regulations to facilitate higher civilizations while tracking and managing conditions. We currently in this global climate of identifying and adjusting to the virtual, writing rules consciously or subconsciously to what is virtually acceptable. We live, breathe, acknowledge and embrace virtual awkwardness.


Live Tweet of Le Drame Français


One finds oneself reviewing past input on the internet and deletes. This behaviour could be found in anyone for varied amount of reasons and mostly a requirement to be considered as a virtually awkward.

While the below is a case study of a dirty laundry example, the dramatic tweets has also been removed from the Twitter account. In such a gesture the internet approves of, but what is said in real life can never be taken back. What we say matters in what we do as psychotherapist, Debbie Hogan, refers to the part and parcel of our human brain technology. But then again, with the longevity of all things birthed by the Internet, perhaps then possibility of data mining of the past residuals could nevertheless be realised. That, is futuristic in an attempt for trash recycling likening to space exploration of the Deep Web. But we are living in the future now so please find attached link to start.

Live Tweet of Le Drame Français

One afternoon, a human with a vagina sat on a table in Starbucks@Paragon, working on her Project Hyperessay for #ossntu. In a series of unfortunate event, her ears were almost endangered by some destructive waveforms transgressing through the coffee smell.

The inner troll of her was aroused and therefore could not be tamed but manifested in virtual and thankfully non-holographic presence in Twitter. She does not attempt to pretend it ain’t her ‘cos ain’t nobody got time for that.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.29.04 am

She refrains from confrontational aggression and has resorted to Twitter for live streams of consciousness. Like a Chuck Bass. Identifiable parallels in Gossip Girl*.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.29.17 am
Gossip Girl* In the drama television series, Gossip Girl is an unidentified character who spreads gossips through text messages anonymously. A classic troll. 



Self-deletion and the Political

Meanwhile, self-deletion is unintentional for Luke Harding.

mike d

Final Project Presentation Slides

A Documentation of A Rare Skype Session

In the most natural march of time aligning towards technological singularity, there is one who is so aware of the attachment to electronics and held onto the refusal to partake the cyborg movement. However, something change the way she approaches relationships when she finally regains her faith just when she first believed Him. He saved a broken relationship. He is also a lifestyle of choice.

He is technology.

To rebuild a distant human relationship, she finally confronts her intimacy with the technology face on and overcomes the challenge of virtual awkwardness as she attempts to reconnect.

Through a live rare Skype session with a human she calls friend, she uncovers tangible and intangible treasures from which a third space provides.

Screenshot 2014-02-21 09.53.14
Fig. 1 Virtually awkward; Skype video staggering to load, image provided by Prof. Randall Packer

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.16.47 amFig.2 AVR (Augmented Virtual Reality); cross-brower pollination of hung-up screencaps

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.04.04 amFig. 3 Undelivered promise