Virtual Text

Quote from my conclusion:

“Online virtual world really did blur the line between public and private to the fact that people ask really “personal” question about you. But the degree of personal is different. It is sexual. You still will never know who and what they are. You will never understand their thoughts. And they could just be like me, provoking reactions. Several times, when I asked them about their personal facebook account they will back off. Cause maybe they are real careful too. The responsibility of letting someone know who you are when you are doing socially incorrect things are perhaps too heavy. My initial motive of hoping to motivate people somewhat through quotes or in fact inspired them is really hard. The wall build up by them is strong. Perhaps, people really do not want someone to chat when they are there. Or private heart to heart conversations with strangers are still ┬áprivate somehow. Like I mentioned in the previous chat, the virtual world seems real to them, to the degree they can get turned on just by chatting, or maybe is just like reading any other storybooks which describe the sex process, their imagination and role playing inside their mind is what make it seems real. Yet to a very large extent they knew it is not real, for, true-friends-with-heartfelt-conversations-never-existed as they knew this stranger will be gone once the stopped button is pressed.”

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