NTU / Adm / Animation – Character Design

I’m always in search of answers yet I actually think that it is ok for some answers to be never found.  For I reckon, life would to be more exciting this way.

I am an artist trying to understand the word Dream which the society now has been instilling on everyone. Still in search of my Dream; which I believe, doesn’t need to be concrete but instead, more towards abstract.

There’s so much to appreciate in life that I think perhaps, ending up to major in Animation might be one of the best thing that happened to me; since it kinda forces me to study Life in deep details.

Ironically, studying Life as I should have, I feel that I’m losing touch with Life and am getting stuck in the virtual world. We see life through the Spectacle created for us everyday. How it was nicely “framed” for us and how much information were hidden away.. But we didn’t even notice it.

By doing a Live performance in the third space at the end of this course, how and what am I going to put in the frame? What do I hide? How do I lead the minds of my audience?

My Projects in this course will be exploring topics on this.

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